2017-05-22 published articles
  • Dendrobium wilsonii Rolfe

    Dendrobium wilsonii Rolfe

    Morphological characteristics Dendrobium wilsonii Rolfe erect or oblique legislation, cylindrical, usually 10-30 cm long, 4-6 mm thick, unbranched, with a few to most sections, internodes 1.5-2.5 cm long, pale yellow with foul black . Leaves leathery, two-column, several, alternate on upper stem, narrowly oblong, 3-5 (-7) cm long, 6-12 (-15) mm wide, apex obtuse and slightly unequal 2-lobed, base with Sheath sheath; sheath leathery, old black dirt, often dry after the mouth was a cup-shaped open. 1-4 racemes from upper part of fallen old stem with 1-2 flowers; inflorescences 3-5 mm long, basally 3-4 membered broadly ovate membranous sheaths; bractlets dry Membranous, pale white, middle or apex, maroon, 4-7 mm long, apex acuminate; pedicel and ovary white, 2-3 cm long;…

  • Dendrobium aurantiacum Rchb. f.

    Dendrobium aurantiacum Rchb. f.

    Morphological characteristics Dendrobium aurantiacum Rchb. f. is a herbaceous plant, slender stems, cylindrical, usually 25-35 cm long, 2-4 mm thick, unbranched, with the majority of nodes; internodes 2.5-4 cm long, yellow or brown dry. Leaves leathery, linear or narrowly oblong, 8-10 cm long, 0.4-1.4 cm wide, apex obtusely and pitted or sometimes acute and slightly rounded on one side, base sheathing; Inflorescences laterally erect, 0.5 cm long, basally nested 3-4 sheaths; sheaths proximally erect, lasts about 1 cm, usually 1-to 2-celled, sometimes 3-flowered; Papery, pale white, cup-shaped or tube-shaped, base shorter, gradually becoming longer and longer, 5-20 mm long; bracteoles membranous, pale white, boatlike, 1.2-1.3 cm long and 5 mm wide, Apex obtuse; pedicel and ovary ca. 3 cm; flowers…

  • Flickingeria comata (Bl. ) Hawkes

    Flickingeria comata (Bl. ) Hawkes

    Flickingeria comata (Bl.) Hawkes: Rhizome creeping, stout, usually with 3 nodes, 1 stem per 3-4 nodes. Stem oblique stand, light yellow, multi-branched. Fake bulbs fusiform, top a leaf. Leaves leathery, ovate to oblong. Inflorescences from leaf axils and basal dorsal (distal surface) out, rarely sessile, basal tufted scaly sheath, usually with 1-2 flowers; flowers thin, sepals and petals yellowish white with purple spots; petals linear , 10-15 mm long, 1-1.5 mm wide, apex acute, with 1 vein; yellow lip, 10-15 mm long, base cuneate, 3-lobed. Flowering March to July 【Habitat distribution】 Guangxi, Guangdong, Taiwan, Hubei and southwest. Medicinal value [Taste] sweet, light, flat. 【Indications】 Yin heat. Indications fever Jin, lips and teeth dry, hot flashes, night sweats, arthritis. Dosage to…

  • Dendrobium trigonopus Rchb. f.

    Dendrobium trigonopus Rchb. f.

    Morphological characteristics Dendrobium trigonopus Rchb. f. stems tufted, fleshy thick, spindly or sometimes rod-shaped, 5-11 cm long, the central coarse 12-15 mm, unbranched, with 3-5 nodes, about 2 cm internodes, dry Golden. Leaves thickly leathery, 3-4-seeded, oblong, 8-9.5 cm long, 15-25 mm wide, apex acute, base sheathing shortly sheathing, sunburit concavely above, abaxially veined On the sparse black shag. Raceme stems from middle or near tip with leaves, often with 2 flowers, peduncle 1-4 cm long; bracts fleshy, ovate-triangular, ca. 5 mm, apex acute; pedicel and ovary yellow-green, Long 3-4 cm, ovary triangular; flowers drooping, less developed, thick texture, except for the lip disc with a light green, are wax yellow; sepals and lateral sepals nearly similar, narrow-lanceolate, long About…