• Dendrobium pendulum Roxb.

    Dendrobium pendulum Roxb.

    Dendrobium pendulum Roxb. stem oblique vertical or drooping, fleshy hypertrophy, cylindrical, usually 22-40 cm long, 1-1.6 cm thick, unbranched, with multi-section, swollen abdomen was abacus beads like internode long 2- 2.5 cm, dry yellowish gray belt. Leaves papery, oblong, 9-12 cm long, 1.7-2.7 cm wide, apex acute, base with a clasping sheath; leaf sheath thinly leathery, dry sheath mouth slightly open. Inflorescences usually 1 to 3 flowered from upper part of old stem with fallen leaves; inflorescences stout, 2-5 mm long, basally 1-2 tube sheaths ca. 6 mm; bracts shallow White, papery, broadly ovate, ca. 8 mm, apex obtuse; pedicel yellowish green, 3-4 cm along with mauve red ovary; flowers large, white, upper fuchsia, spreading, Sepals oblong, ca. 3 cm,…

  • Dendrobium crepidatum Lindl. ex Paxt.

    Dendrobium crepidatum Lindl. ex Paxt.

    Dendrobium crepidatum Lindl. ex Paxt. is a herbaceous plant. Stem drape, fleshy hypertrophy, turquoise, cylindrical, usually 30-40 cm long, ca. 1 cm, slightly constricted at base, unbranched, with nodes, 3-4 cm internodes, green and white Striped sheath, dried copper color. Leaves nearly leathery, narrowly lanceolate, 5-10 cm long, 1-1.25 cm wide, apex acuminate, base with a sheath-shaped membranous sheath. Racemes short, erupted from upper part of fallen old stem, with 1-4 flowers; inflorescences ca. 3 mm, base 3-4 membered dry membranous sheaths; bracts ovate, ca. 4 Mm, apex acute; pedicel and ovary lavender, ca. 3.5 cm; flower thick, spreading; sepals and petals white, middle upper lavender, dried waxy; middle sepals nearly elliptic, 2.1 cm long, Sepals ovate-oblong, nearly as large…

  • Dendrobium cariniferum Rchb. f.

    Dendrobium cariniferum Rchb. f.

    Dendrobium cariniferum Rchb. f. is a herbaceous plant. Stems fleshy thick, cylindrical or sometimes dilated spindle-shaped, 10-28 cm long, the central rough 1.5 cm, unbranched, with more than 6 nodes, internode length 1.5-2 cm, dried golden yellow . Leaves leathery, several, two, oblong or tongue oblong, as long as 11 cm, 1.5-4 cm wide, apex obtuse and slightly unequal 2-lobed, Leaf sheath dense black shag. Raceme stems from near the stem, often with 1-2 flowers; inflorescences long 5-10 mm, 3-4 sheaths at base; bracts ovate, 4-5 mm long, apex acute; pedicel and ovary Ca. 3 cm; ovary yellowish green, triangular; flowers developed, thick, with orange aroma; sepals yellowish white, ovate-lanceolate, ca. 2.5 cm, 9 mm wide, apex acute, Middle rib…

  • Dendrobium moniliforme

    Dendrobium moniliforme

    Dendrobium moniliforme also known as small yellow grass. And Dendrobium is very similar. Stem height 10 to 20 cm. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, 2.5 to 4 cm long, 7 to 10 mm wide, apex obtuse; leaf sheath non-gray color is not clean. Racemes with flowers 2 to 4; flowers yellowish green, ca. 2 cm in diam .; central sepals linear-lanceolate, sepal slightly sickle-shaped on both sides; lip yellow-green with 1 brown spot in center. Spread Zhejiang, Anhui, Guangxi, Yunnan and other places. Morphological characteristics scientific name: Dendrobium moniliforme Family: Orchid Dendrobium Alias: Dendrobium, perennial epiphytes. Stems erect or drooping, cylindrical, elongate, lavender, usually 30-40 cm long, 3–5 mm in diam., Slightly slender proximally, with multiple segments, membranous sheath, lobes lanceolate, 4-6 cm…

  • Dendrobium thyrsiflorum Rchb. f.

    Dendrobium thyrsiflorum Rchb. f.

    Dendrobium thyrsiflorum Rchb. F.: Stems erect or obliquely erect, cylindric, coarse, unbranched, several-noded, yellowish brown and shiny, with several longitudinal edges. 3-4 leaves alternate in the upper stem, leathery, oblong or oblong-lanceolate. Racemes lateral to upper leaves with old stems, drooping, 10-16 cm long, densely populated with many flowers, flowers spreading, thinly textured, sepals and petals white; petals suborbicular, 14 mm long, 12 mm wide, Apex obtuse, base with claws ca. 2 mm, with 7 veins and many branched veins, base notched with serrate teeth above margin; lip golden, semicircular triangular, 15 mm long, 19 mm wide, apex rounded Blunt, base with claw ca. 3 mm. Flowering from April to May. Morphological characteristics Bulbose stems erect or obliquely erect, cylindric,…

  • Dendrobium heterocarpum Lindl.

    Dendrobium heterocarpum Lindl.

    Dendrobium heterocarpum Lindl. (Stem: Dendrobium heterocarpum Lindl.): Stems often oblique, thick fleshy, base narrow, up thicker, how many were sticky, unbranched, with the number of nodes, the number of swollen. Leaves leathery, oblong-lanceolate. Racemes from the top of the old fallen leaves, with 1-4 flowers; flowers developed, with aroma, sepals and petals silvery white or milk yellow; petals ovate-oblong, 2.5-2.8 cm long, 9- 10 mm, apex acute, margin entire, with 5 main veins and many branches; ovules ovate-lanceolate, nearly as long as sepals, not 3-lobed. Flowering from March to April. Born in 1500-1750 meters above sea level in the forest in the mountains. Distributed in China Yunnan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia.…

  • Dendrobium nobile lindl

    Dendrobium nobile lindl

    Dendrobium nobile lindl alias Name orchid, lofty beard, nobile stone, flat nobile, flat yellow grass, flat grass, perennial herbs are blindly commonly used precious Chinese herbal medicines. Hi growth in the warm, humid, half-shade half-Yang environment, annual rainfall of more than 1000 mm, air humidity greater than 80%, the average January temperature above 8 ℃ in the subtropical forests grow better, do not require soil fertilizer Very strict, mostly in the loose and thick wild bark or trunk growth, and some also grow in the crevice. Flowering from April to May. Stems erect, succulent hypertrophy, slightly flattened cylindric, 10-60 cm long, 1.3 cm thick, upper fold-folded, conspicuously constricted at base, unbranched, with multiple nodes, nodes sometimes slightly enlarged; nodes Between…

  • Dendrobium parishii

    Dendrobium parishii

    Dendrobium parishii stems obliquely or drooping, stout, cylindrical, lepidic, narrowly oblong, racemes from upper stem of fallen leaves, flowers large, spreading, thin, purple, fragrant, May to June