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  • The small and lovely dendrobium Dendrobium aphyllum (Roxb.)C.E. blossomed

    The small and lovely dendrobium Dendrobium aphyllum (Roxb.)C.E. blossomed

    This little Dendrobium aphyllum (Roxb.)C.E. was just transplanted for a few months, but it blossomed. It was very small, cute and beautiful. It’s a little surprise. What’s so special about it?As anyone who has ever grown Dendrobium aphyllum (Roxb.)C.E. knows,The flowering Dendrobium aphyllum (Roxb.)C.E. is generally a very long branch.But it’s only about 10 centimeters. It’s fun to watch it blossom. That’s the joy of gardening.

  • A good way to grow dendrobium on the balcony

    A good way to grow dendrobium on the balcony

    When planting dendrobium on the balcony, the balcony space is usually limited and the illumination is insufficient.After many experiments, a good method was found.I bought a lot of these baskets on AliExpress to grow dendrobiums on the balcony,And what it does is, look. This allows a lot of dendrobium to be grown on the wall without taking up too much balcony space,The basket can also be hung on the side of the balcony, which can solve the problem of insufficient illumination of dendrobium.It’s really good. Haha, these were originally used to store baskets in the bathroom or kitchen,But this basket is perfect for growing dendrobium.This basket has the following characteristics: 1. the basket has a hook on it and it’s…

  • Beautiful dendrobium spp.

    Beautiful dendrobium spp.

    I like growing orchids, especially dendrobium, why? Dendrobium is a species of orchid. Dendrobium is graceful, exquisite and lovely with bright colors and fragrant smell.  Dendrobium likes shade and is a good family garden I would like to introduce to you a very beautiful dendrobium,let’s look at the picture first. Its name is dendrobium spp.,what are the characteristics that make people like it? Dendrobium spp. can grow to 30-70cm high, Verdant leaves On both sides of false bulb,for several years without shedding,it stands out and beautiful in the room. In autumn inflorescences grow from the top,There are a few to a dozen flowers,Bright and shining,Flowering time up to 2 months. Dendrobium spp. has a strong, peaceful and amiable emperament.hence…