2017-05-11 published articles
  • Dendrobium nobile lindl

    Dendrobium nobile lindl

    Dendrobium nobile lindl alias Name orchid, lofty beard, nobile stone, flat nobile, flat yellow grass, flat grass, perennial herbs are blindly commonly used precious Chinese herbal medicines. Hi growth in the warm, humid, half-shade half-Yang environment, annual rainfall of more than 1000 mm, air humidity greater than 80%, the average January temperature above 8 ℃ in the subtropical forests grow better, do not require soil fertilizer Very strict, mostly in the loose and thick wild bark or trunk growth, and some also grow in the crevice. Flowering from April to May. Stems erect, succulent hypertrophy, slightly flattened cylindric, 10-60 cm long, 1.3 cm thick, upper fold-folded, conspicuously constricted at base, unbranched, with multiple nodes, nodes sometimes slightly enlarged; nodes Between…