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  • How to grow dendrobium in a pot

    How to grow dendrobium in a pot

    I. preparation of planting materials: 1. the container:Choose a pot with holes in the bottom or around it.Good air permeability and water permeability are required. 2.Planting material:The bottom layer with some thicker stone or brick at the bottom,Convenient for water and air permeability,The middle layer is made of smaller stones or broken bricks.Try to choose materials with better water absorption,Such as ceramsite, bluestone, broken brick,Top with fermented pine bark. II. Planting process Step 1: prepare a planting container. Step 2: put some thicker stone in the bottom of the container. Step 3: lay a small layer of gravel on top of the larger ones. Step 4: cover small stones with bark. Step 5: now plant the dendrobium. Step 6: after…