2019-05-21 published articles
  • How to grow Dendrobium pendulum Roxb.

    How to grow Dendrobium pendulum Roxb.

    It is difficult to grow Dendrobium pendulum Roxb., and it likes sunshine relatively.But not too heat- resistant, it is a little difficult to get through the summer, even if can get through the summer will be relatively thin,Cold resistance can also be, room temperature of 5 ℃ are safe for the winter, water is also less, have cold to will stop water ahead of time. Planting way: Wood plantings are recommended because it is better ventilated. watering: Plant initial stage is put in first shady and cool shady and scattershot light place, spray some water to foliar face only, do not water inside the basin.Water it once a day during the growing season.Dry season and inflammationSummer also needs to often…