• Dendrobium wardianum Warner

    Dendrobium wardianum Warner

    Dendrobium wardianum Warner grows on the trunk of a sparse forest at an altitude of 1350-1900 m.Distribution China yunnan, Bhutan, northeast India, myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam.This flower is cultivated and has high horticultural value. Morphological characteristics: Stems oblique or pendulous, fleshy and fleshy, cylindrical, usually 16-46 cm long, 7-15 mm thick, unbranched, with nodes;Internodes somewhat swollen club-like, 2-4 cm long, yellowish and stained black after dry.Leaves thinly leathery, bilobal, narrowly oblong, 5.5-15 cm long, 1.7-2 cm wide, apex acute, base sheathed;Leaf sheaths cling to the stem, often open after dry mouth. Racemes from upper middle part of old stems deciduous, with 1-3 flowers;Inflorescences petiole stout, 2-5 mm long, base with 3-4 broadly ovate sheaths;Bracts papery, large, broadly ovate, 2-3 cm long…