Beautiful dendrobium spp.

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I like growing orchids, especially dendrobium, why? Dendrobium is a species of orchid. Dendrobium is graceful, exquisite and lovely with bright colors and fragrant smell.  Dendrobium likes shade and is a good family garden I would like to introduce to you a very beautiful dendrobium,let’s look at the picture first.

Its name is dendrobium spp.,what are the characteristics that make people like it?

  • Dendrobium spp. can grow to 30-70cm high, Verdant leaves On both sides of false bulb,for several years without shedding,it stands out and beautiful in the room.

  • In autumn inflorescences grow from the top,There are a few to a dozen flowers,Bright and shining,Flowering time up to 2 months.

  • Dendrobium spp. has a strong, peaceful and amiable emperament.hence the name “father’s day flower”.

In addition, dendrobium spp. is easy to grow and bloom.

So how do you grow it?

  • Dendrobium spp. prefers high temperature, moist and sunny environment.

  • The substrate must be loose, permeable and breathable.General water moss planting, also can use bark, bluestone, coconut grain, charcoal mixed planting.

  • Dendrobium spp. loves light,but too much sun can dehydrate and blight it,in summer need to appropriate shade the sun,in spring and autumn, and in winter, full daylight is acceptable.

  • The most important thing is the spring and autumn season water once every 3-4 days.In the winter water once every 6-7 summer need to water everyday.water thoroughly every time you water it,but no standing water.

  • Winter should be moved to indoor insulation,don’t put in under 8 ℃ environment.