Dendrobium planting

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  • Why don’t dendrobium grow roots

    Why don’t dendrobium grow roots

    Some friends grow dendrobium, after a period of time, found that dendrobium does not grow roots, some even roots are rotten, what is the reason?First of all, we will understand the characteristics and functions of the roots of dendrobium. * root function and characteristics of dendrobium dendrobium: (1) water absorption: the root of dendrobium has a strong ability to absorb water, and can absorb enough water within 10 minutes; (2) absorption of air: absorption of oxygen is the basic role of aerial root; (3) absorption of nutrients: the root of dendrobium has no root hairs, and can only rely on symbiotic bacteria to fix nitrogen in the air and decompose animal and plant residues to provide nutrition; (4) fixed plants:…

  • How to grow Dendrobium pendulum Roxb.

    How to grow Dendrobium pendulum Roxb.

    It is difficult to grow Dendrobium pendulum Roxb., and it likes sunshine relatively.But not too heat- resistant, it is a little difficult to get through the summer, even if can get through the summer will be relatively thin,Cold resistance can also be, room temperature of 5 ℃ are safe for the winter, water is also less, have cold to will stop water ahead of time. Planting way: Wood plantings are recommended because it is better ventilated. watering: Plant initial stage is put in first shady and cool shady and scattershot light place, spray some water to foliar face only, do not water inside the basin.Water it once a day during the growing season.Dry season and inflammationSummer also needs to often…

  • How to grow Dendrobium williamsonii Day et rchb. f.

    How to grow Dendrobium williamsonii Day et rchb. f.

    Dendrobium williamsonii Day et rchb. f. afraid of hot, the highest temperature in summer are often more than 33 ℃ areas ,without cooling facilities, had better not plant. Planting way: Potted plants,In order to ensure good air permeability, the flowerpot with four holes should be selected, and the material should be plastic and ceramic, so that it is more suitable for the growth of dendrobium Dendrobium williamsonii Day et rchb. f. watering: Need to pay attention to the control of water, usually, only need to spray some water on the leaf surface, do not water in the basin.With the rapid growth of Dendrobium williamsonii Day et rchb. f., the frequency of watering should be increased in time.However, to the winter,…

  • How to grow dendrobium in a pot

    How to grow dendrobium in a pot

    I. preparation of planting materials: 1. the container:Choose a pot with holes in the bottom or around it.Good air permeability and water permeability are required. 2.Planting material:The bottom layer with some thicker stone or brick at the bottom,Convenient for water and air permeability,The middle layer is made of smaller stones or broken bricks.Try to choose materials with better water absorption,Such as ceramsite, bluestone, broken brick,Top with fermented pine bark. II. Planting process Step 1: prepare a planting container. Step 2: put some thicker stone in the bottom of the container. Step 3: lay a small layer of gravel on top of the larger ones. Step 4: cover small stones with bark. Step 5: now plant the dendrobium. Step 6: after…

  • The method of growing dendrobium on wood

    The method of growing dendrobium on wood

    1. Make the cedar board as shown in the picture first. 2. ready to dry water moss, wash it clean, then wring to keep half wet state. 3. Step: lay a layer of moss on the board first 4. Put the dendrobium on it, cover it with a layer of water moss and tie it with a thin rope. When planting dendrobium, you don’t need to tie anything directly on it Of course, you can also use cotton thread to make such a water system, which is very suitable for lazy people, a week or two without water is not a problem.