Dendrobium anosmum

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Dendrobium anosmum is one of the well-known spring Dendrobium, stems upright or slightly curved, long oval leaves, winter deciduous. Buds from above the leaves without leaf stem out at the Department, usually each section of flowers 1 to 5; color purple, thick petals texture, strong sandalwood flavor, flowering in the National March-May period.
Dendrobium anosmum, orchid Dendrobium, pseudobulb tufted, cylindrical, nodal, up to 50cm or longer, diameter 1 ~ 2cm, leaf lanceolate, flowering no leaves, as the deciduous species.
Dendrobium anosmum, Dendrobium eighteen, China is often called the Dendrobium of the Philippines, Origin: Sri Lanka, Malay Peninsula, Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Good species, easy to open, floral.