Dendrobium brymerianum Rchb.f.

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Morphological characteristics
Dendrobium brymerianum Rchb.f. sylvestris upright or oblique, usually 20-30 cm long, in the middle of 2 internodes usually enlarged into spindle-shaped, up to 11 mm thick, basally and upper coarse 3-5 mm, unbranched, with a few A section, internode length 2.5-3 cm, dry yellowish with black, how many vertical stripes. Leaves thinly leathery, often 3-5, alternate in upper stem, narrowly oblong, 7-13.5 cm long, 1.2-2.2 cm wide, apex acuminate, slightly constricted at base and with amplex sheath.
Raceme lateral to last year without leaves of the upper stem, nearly upright, with 1-2 flowers; inflorescences 1-4 cm long, sheath 4-5 sheath; sheath membranous, short tube, nested , Base short, ca. 2 mm, upwardly gradually becoming longer; bracts membranous, ovate-lanceolate, 7-12 mm long, apex obtusely blunt; pedicel and ovary as long as 5 cm; Sepals oblong-lanceolate, 2.5 cm long, 8 mm wide, apex obtuse, with 7 veins; lateral sepals nearly lanceolate, 2.5 cm long, 8 mm wide, apex acute, base askew; Calyx capsule short blunt, about 3 mm,
Petals oblong, 2.5 cm long, 7 mm wide, apex obtuse, with 7 veins, entire; lip ovate-triangular, 2 cm long, 15 mm wide, apex obtuse, base shortly clawed, densely short Fuzz, central fringe with short fringes below middle, long and branched fringe above middle (especially apex), apex tassel longer than lip; limb yellow on both sides white, ca. 3 mm; cap yellowish white , Narrowly conical, ca. 5 mm, densely minuetic, front edge slightly irregular.
Capsule long cylindrical, 1.7 cm long, 1 cm thick, with 6 ribs. Flowering from June to July, fruit period from September to October.
Habitat habitat
Born in 1100-1900 meters above sea level forest edge of the trunk. Production of southeastern Yunnan to southeast China (Pingbian, Mengla, Menghai, Zhenkang). Thailand, Myanmar, Laos also have. Specimens collected from Myanmar.
Growing habits
Orchids generally grow in the mountain valleys of the mountainside valley wall, water and water retention of good slopes or rock slopes, sparse mountain grass next to the dark woods under the shade. Or shade, sunshine time is short or only scattered scattered place. Where air is humid and air is circulated, it is sometimes born on the cliffs of mountain streams. Orchid should be planted in the air circulation environment. Sex Xi Yin, avoid direct sunlight, hi humid, avoid dry, 15 ℃ to 30 ℃ the most appropriate growth. Poor growth at above 35 ℃. Cold below 5 ℃ will affect its growth, at this time, orchids often sleep. If the temperature is too high with the sun exposure is a leaf or burnt or burnt within one or two days. If the temperature is too low and did not promptly transferred into the house, there will be frostbite phenomenon. Orchid is the fleshy root, suitable for the use of sandy loam rich in humus, drainage performance must be good, should use the leaves or soil containing humus more. Slightly acidic soil or iron-rich soil, pH value of 5.5-6.5 is appropriate.