Dendrobium fimbriatum Hook

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Dendrobium fimbriatum Hook (whip Dendrobium)
Dendrobium stalks stout, oblique or drooping, texture hard, cylindrical or sometimes slightly above the base spindle-shaped, 50-100 cm long, coarse 8-12 (-20) mm, unbranched, with the majority of nodes, dry Light yellow or light brown, internodes 3.5-4.8 cm, with the majority of vertical groove. Leaves two, leathery, oblong or oblong-lanceolate, 8-15.5 cm long, 2-3.6 cm wide, apex acute, sometimes slightly 2-lobed, the base with a tight hold on the leathery sheath of the stem.
Racemes 5-15 cm long, sparsely 6-12 flowers; inflorescences finer, ± curved; inflorescences 2-4 cm long, base numerously nested; sheaths membranous, tubular, located at Base short, ca. 3 mm, apical longest, up to 1 cm; bracts membranous, ovate-triangular, 3-5 mm long, apex acute; pedicel and ovary pale green, 2.5-3 cm long; Sepals oblong, 1.3-1.8 cm long, 6-8 mm wide, apex obtuse, margin entire, with 5 veins; sepals ovate-lanceolate, Septal equal to long and slightly narrower, apex obtuse, base askew, entire, with 5 veins; calyx sacs nearly circular, ca. 3 mm.
Petals oblong-elliptic, 1.2-1.9 cm long, 7-10 mm wide, apex obtuse, margins micro-eroding, with 5 veins; labellum darker than sepals and petals, subrounded, 15-20 Mm, base with fimbriate stripes on both sides and narrowly clawed ca. 3 mm claw, veins refinished, lip disk with 1 crescent-shaped dark purple plaque above densely breed; stamens yellow, long Ca. 2 mm, with pistil feet ca. 4 mm; cap yellow, conic, smooth, serrulate at anterior margin. Flowering from April to June.
Habitat habitat
600-1700 meters above sea level, was born in the jungle trunk or valley on the wet rock. Production in southern China to the northwest of Guangxi (Tian’e, Lingyun, Tianlin, Longzhou, Tian et al, Longlin, Donglan, Wuming, Jingxi, Nandan), southern Guizhou to southwestern (Luodian, Xingyi, Mountain), Yunnan southeast to southwest (Xichou, Mengzi, Shek Ping, Fumin, Simao, Menghai, Cangyuan, Zhenkang). Distributed in India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam. Specimens were taken from Nepal.
Growing habits
Dendrobium fimbriatus is a kind of perennial herb that likes shades of coolness, likes to grow warm in the subtropical deep forests of the warmth and dampness, with annual rainfall of more than 1000 mm, half-shade half-sun environment, January average temperature higher than 8 ℃, Suitable growth temperature of 15 to 28 degrees, suitable for the growth of air humidity above 60%, less demanding on the soil fertility, wild and more loose and thick bark or trunk growth, and some also grow in the crevice. Is an aerial root, the main requirements of the root permeability is good, the best substrate to breathe air ventilation, in the appropriate temperature and humidity, fast growth, survivability is very strong. Spring and early summer each year, biennial stems on the section of the inflorescence, flowering stems grow into new stems into stems, autumn and winter into the dormant period.