Dendrobium primulinu

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Morphological features: dendrobium dendrobium dendrobium is herbaceous and epiphytic.Stems clustered, erect, shortly stubble, subrod-spindles, 15-30 cm long, 6-15 mm thick, with many wavy longitudinal ribs and nodes, internodes 5-10 mm long.Leaves many, growing at the apex of the stem, 23-40 cm long, apex obtuse and unequal 2 leaves, base extending into cauline sheath flowering period: march-may.
Growth habit: dendrobium dendrobii distributed in Vietnam.Grown between edge tree. Of 900-1200 m. The yellow shell caulis dendrobii is a perennial herbaceous plants, like a cool in warm, wet, at more than 1000 mm annual rainfall, Yin and Yang of the environment, the average temperature in January 8 ℃ higher than the subtropical mountains of growth to be beautiful, suitable growth temperature of 15 to 28 degrees, suitable humidity of the air for more than 60% growth.