Dendrobium wilsonii Rolfe

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Morphological characteristics
Dendrobium wilsonii Rolfe erect or oblique legislation, cylindrical, usually 10-30 cm long, 4-6 mm thick, unbranched, with a few to most sections, internodes 1.5-2.5 cm long, pale yellow with foul black . Leaves leathery, two-column, several, alternate on upper stem, narrowly oblong, 3-5 (-7) cm long, 6-12 (-15) mm wide, apex obtuse and slightly unequal 2-lobed, base with Sheath sheath; sheath leathery, old black dirt, often dry after the mouth was a cup-shaped open.
1-4 racemes from upper part of fallen old stem with 1-2 flowers; inflorescences 3-5 mm long, basally 3-4 membered broadly ovate membranous sheaths; bractlets dry Membranous, pale white, middle or apex, maroon, 4-7 mm long, apex acuminate; pedicel and ovary white, 2-3 cm long; flowers large, milky, sometimes purplish red, spreading; Shaped, long (2.3-) 2.5-4 cm, 7-10 mm wide, apex acuminate, with 5-6 main veins and many branched veins; lateral sepals triangular-lanceolate, as long as the middle sepals, 10 mm, apex acuminate, base askew wide, with 5-6 main veins and many branches; calyx sac hemispherical, 1-1.5 cm long.
Petals suborbicular, long (2.3-) 2.5-4 cm, 1-1.5 cm wide, apex acute, with 5-6 main veins and many branched veins; leaflets ovate-lanceolate, slightly shorter and wider than sepals Much more, 3-lobed or not obvious 3-lobed, base cuneate, with a central corpus callosum; lateral lobes erect, semicircular; mid lobule ovate, apex acute; lip with a yellow-green plaque central, Hirsute short hairs; pistil length about 4 mm; pistil foot length of about 1.5 cm, the inside often lilac spots; cap nearly hemispherical, dense fine papilla. Flowering in May.
Habitat habitat
Born in 1000-1300 meters above sea level in the mountain broad-leaved forest trunk or understorey rock. Production in China’s southeastern Fujian (Dehua), southwestern Hubei to western (Xianfeng, Padang, Icheon, Hefeng), northern Hunan (Sangzhi, Anhua, Shimen), southwestern Guangdong to the north (Lechang, Yangshan , Xinyi), southern Guangxi to eastern (Jinxiu, Wuming), southern Sichuan (Emei, Lei Po, Hongya), northwestern Guizhou to northeast (Xiushui, Zunyi, Fanjingshan), southern Yunnan ). Specimens collected from Sichuan.
Growing habits
Dendrobium is a happy hippocampal herbaceous plants, like in the warm, humid, with an annual rainfall of more than 1000 mm, half-shade half-yang environment, the average January temperature above 8 ℃ in the subtropical forests grow better, Suitable growth temperature of 15 to 28 degrees, suitable for the growth of air humidity above 60%, less demanding on the soil fertility, wild and more loose and thick bark or trunk growth, and some also grow in the crevice. Is an aerial root, the main requirements of the root permeability is good, the best substrate to breathe air ventilation, in the appropriate temperature and humidity, fast growth, survivability is very strong. Spring and early summer each year, biennial stems on the section of the inflorescence, flowering stems grow into new stems into stems, autumn and winter into the dormant period.