Flickingeria comata (Bl. ) Hawkes

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Flickingeria comata (Bl.) Hawkes: Rhizome creeping, stout, usually with 3 nodes, 1 stem per 3-4 nodes. Stem oblique stand, light yellow, multi-branched. Fake bulbs fusiform, top a leaf. Leaves leathery, ovate to oblong. Inflorescences from leaf axils and basal dorsal (distal surface) out, rarely sessile, basal tufted scaly sheath, usually with 1-2 flowers; flowers thin, sepals and petals yellowish white with purple spots; petals linear , 10-15 mm long, 1-1.5 mm wide, apex acute, with 1 vein; yellow lip, 10-15 mm long, base cuneate, 3-lobed. Flowering March to July 【Habitat distribution】 Guangxi, Guangdong, Taiwan, Hubei and southwest.
Medicinal value
[Taste] sweet, light, flat.
【Indications】 Yin heat. Indications fever Jin, lips and teeth dry, hot flashes, night sweats, arthritis.
Dosage to stem into medicine, stem 2 to 4 money, Shuijianbi.