How to grow Dendrobium pendulum Roxb.

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It is difficult to grow Dendrobium pendulum Roxb., and it likes sunshine relatively.But not too heat-
resistant, it is a little difficult to get through the summer, even if can get through the summer will be
relatively thin,Cold resistance can also be, room temperature of 5 ℃ are safe for the winter, water is
also less, have cold to will stop water ahead of time.
Planting way:
Wood plantings are recommended because it is better ventilated.
Plant initial stage is put in first shady and cool shady and scattershot light place, spray some water to
foliar face only, do not water inside the basin.Water it once a day during the growing season.Dry season
and inflammationSummer also needs to often spray water on the ground around flowerpot, in order to
maintain high air humidity, and should pay attention to good ventilation.Winter dormant period should be
watered less.Air humidity is too small to often water moisture, can be used in the form of spray sprayer
The most suitable for its temperature is between 15 ℃ to 28 ℃.But winter to maintain temperature at
between 8 ℃ to 10 ℃ can be safe for the winter.For example, in the office, open air conditioning to work
during the day the temperature is 24 ℃, close air conditioning after work, night temperature back to 30
℃, die soon.
This plant is a half-sun, half-shade plant.So do not let the sun directly into the plant.Can choose shady
and cool and astigmatic enough place is put.
The plant is not suitable for fertilizing the soil, but can be fertilized directly on the leaf surface.But
you can apply fertilizer directly to the leaf surface.General 7 to 10 days to hold a spray fertilizer can
be,It stops growing during the winter, There is no need to apply any fertilizer at this time to avoid
burning plants.