Is it possible to grow dendrobium directly from the bark of pine trees?

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Planting dendrobium with pine bark peeled off from pine trees, without mixing other things, or using the edge board of pine bark to tie dendrobium planting, it is impossible to plant good dendrobium, basically it is half dead and half alive, dendrobium basically does not grow roots. The reason is that pine bark contains oil, not easy to retain water, too dry. Pine bark without fermentation, bad water absorption, do not keep water, resulting in a long time in the root system in a waterless state, which further leads to dendrobium rod dehydration drained to maintain life, dendrobium do not feel moist degree dare not grow roots and sprouts.
Then, what is the right way to plant dendrobium with pine bark taken from pine tree?
First of all, make the pine bark smaller, smash it into about 1cm size with a hammer or other tools, and throw away the ones smaller than 5mm. The next thing is to send alcohol to rot the pine bark, which should be rotted before planting dendrobium, because the unrotted pine bark contains oil and other pests and diseases, which will easily cause the dendrobium to be dehydrated and sick.

How to grow dendrobium in small amount at home, how to send alcohol to rot pine bark easily and quickly?
You can use the method of “vacuum fermentation”, this method is for a small amount of pine bark. Just cut the pine bark into appropriate size, then put it inside a plastic bag, sprinkle the right amount of water, tie the bag tightly with a rope to prevent air leakage, and then put it in a sunny location, just wait for about 1 month and the fermentation will be completed.
In addition, you should pay attention to the method of watering the dendrobium with pine bark, watering is correct only when the whole is wet, at first you can use the watering pot to let the pine bark soak through the water. At the same time, you can add moss, coarse coconut shell or broken red brick particles on the surface to raise water.