Dendrobium varieties

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  • Dendrobium nobile

    Dendrobium nobile

    Dendrobium nobile is the collective name for spring-flowering species in the genus Dendrobium. Dendrobium nobile is a deciduous species in the genus Dendrobium. The inflorescence is produced on the upper stem nodes of the pseudobulbs of the previous year, with 2 to 3 flowers in a bunch. After flowering, new buds grow from the base of the pseudobulbs and develop into new pseudobulbs in the same year, while the old stems gradually crumple and generally do not flower again. Sometimes the dormant teeth on the old stems will sprout and grow into small plants with roots, and these old pseudobulbs and small plants are usually used as propagation material. After the weather turns cooler in autumn, the plants gradually go…

  • Dendrobium speciosum

    Dendrobium speciosum

    Dendrobium speciosum is a very diverse orchid. Dendrobium speciosum grows in huge racemes with more than a hundred flowers, white or creamy yellow, fragrant and rich in nectar. From a distance, they look like two bunches of white feathers. It is found on the east coast of Australia and near the Tropic of Capricorn. Terrestrial Dendrobium speciosum, their roots clump together to form a dense, thick root bed that clings to rocks. They grow at sea in huge clusters on rocks or cliffs, at altitudes from 0 m to the tops of mountains. Dendrobium speciosum is a very popular cultivated plant. Each pseudobulb of Dendrobium speciosum grows 2-5 thick pinnate leaves, which can survive on the plant for up to…