Why don’t dendrobium grow roots

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Some friends grow dendrobium, after a period of time, found that dendrobium does not grow roots, some even roots are rotten, what is the reason?First of all, we will understand the characteristics and functions of the roots of dendrobium.
* root function and characteristics of dendrobium:
(1) water absorption: the root of dendrobium has a strong ability to absorb water, and can absorb enough water within 10 minutes;
(2) absorption of air: absorption of oxygen is the basic role of aerial root;
(3) absorption of nutrients: the root of dendrobium has no root hairs, and can only rely on symbiotic bacteria to fix nitrogen in the air and decompose animal and plant residues to provide nutrition;
(4) fixed plants: wild dendrobium depends on the roots of dendrobium to adhere to the stone or tree trunk;
(5) photosynthesis: there is a lot of chlorophyll in the root of dendrobium, which can photosynthesize and provide nutrition for the growth of dendrobium.
It can be seen that the root of dendrobium does not grow for the following reasons:
1. The planting materials may not be suitable for this dendrobium variety;
Different species of dendrobium have different requirements for plant materials.If it is potted, take pine bark as an example, some dendrobium can be planted with some thin pine bark (less than 2CM), such as: Morphological characteristics Dendrobium, Dendrobium parishii , etc.Others are best planted with larger pine bark.
2. Maybe too much water;
3. Moss may be too thick and airtight;
4. Too many old roots and not trimmed properly.