Dendrobium lituiflorum Lindl.

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Dendrobium lituiflorum Lindl.

The stem of Dendrobium lituiflorum Lindl. is drooping, slightly fleshy, cylindrical, 30-40 centimeters long or longer, 7-10 millimeters thick, unbranched, with multiple nodes, and internodes 3-3.5 centimeters long. The leaves are papery, narrow and round, 7.5 to 18 centimeters long and 12 to 15 millimeters wide. The apex is gradually pointed and slightly hooked on one side, with a sheath at the base.
Multiple racemes, originating from old stems with fallen leaves, each usually having 1-2 flowers; The inflorescence stalk is almost at right angles to the stem, 5-10 millimeters long, with 3 sheaths at the base; The sheath is light white, papery, up to 1.5 centimeters long, with a blunt tip; Flower bracts light white, ovate, 1-13 mm long, apex nearly acute; Pedicels and ovary purple, 2.5 cm long; Flowers large, purple, membranous, spreading; The sepals are oblongly lanceolate, 3.5 cm long and 7 mm wide, with acute apex and 7 veins; The lateral sepals are similar to the middle sepals and equally large, with a slightly skewed base and 7 veins; Calyx sac is small, nearly spherical, approximately 4 millimeters long.
Petals nearly elliptical, about 4 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, apex acute, entire, with 7 veins; The periphery of the lip is purple, with a deep purple patch surrounded by a white band on the inner surface. It is nearly obovate, shorter than the petals, and forms a trumpet shape around the pistil column on both sides below the middle. The edge has irregular fine teeth and is densely covered with short hairs; The stamen column is 4 millimeters long, and the base is enlarged; The medicine cap is conical, with a slightly flat and concave top, surrounded by a fine papilla, and the entire edge of the front end. Flowering in March
Born on tree trunks in mountainous broad-leaved forests at an altitude of 800-1600 meters. Produced in the southwestern and western parts of Guangxi and southwestern Yunnan, China. It is also found in northeastern India, Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos.



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